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Educational Consulting

Are you an expert in your field who is now in a teaching role? Maybe you’re training new team members at work, teaching a class at the local college, or guest instructing. Maybe you’re creating a course to teach at a private continuing education program.

Whatever the case may be, I love working with experts like you who are teaching others! Here are my steps for Educational Consulting:

  1. Assessment. I review your teaching materials, lesson plans and curriculum. If I can observe you teaching in person or online, I’ll do that too.
  2. Principles of teaching and learning in adulthood. I give you an overview of the research, principles and philosophy of adult education. This will include a review of best practices and how to think about your role as an instructor.
  3. Implementation. I’ll give you a list of very easy-to-implement teaching strategies for creating engaging learning experiences. You update your lesson plans and materials.
  4. Evaluation. You use the new teaching strategies and let me know how it goes so we can adjust as needed.


  • Your knowledge and expertise is conveyed and understood by your students
  • Everyone in the classroom or training learned something new, and everyone (including you) had fun!
  • You have a deeper understanding of teaching and learning in adulthood
  • You have a new set of strategies and tools to make your classes interesting and memorable

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